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Jung Starrett

Consulting Partner

For over 20 years as corporate counsel, I swam as fast as I could in the cross-currents of law, technology, and business to keep up with the breathless pace of startups and global corporations. As I strategized, structured, and negotiated deals; and advised clients on complex legal, business, and people issues, I also experienced the pain of disconnection, exhaustion, and burn-out. I became curious: “Why do we get stuck and struggle alone? How could we achieve success without sacrificing well-being? What conditions could support us to come alive at work?” These questions led me to a new mission of discovering, uncovering, and recovering the possibilities within every one of us to thrive with full potential while working, learning, and growing together. It’s my absolute joy and privilege to work with clients who inspire me to do work that matters for people who care.

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Charles Starrett

Consulting Partner

As a performer growing up and in my early career researching musical culture, the power of different voices uniting for common purpose amazed me. I witnessed magic in every jam session when musicians played off of each other to create something that no one of them could have created alone. Years later, when consulting on workplace culture and teaching organizational communication, those early experiences in music inspired me to ask: “What skills do we need to work together as our whole selves, and also as part of a whole? How can we collaborate and innovate together, with our diverse abilities and perspectives, to achieve something that no one of us could have done alone?” These questions called me to learn new ways of listening, leading, and connecting to myself, to others, and to the space. It is my honor and pleasure to share what I’ve learned in my work with clients to co-create a world for the well-being of all.

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