Virtual Venture Café: Having Difficult Conversations
MARCH 26, 10 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Thursday, March 26, 2020 @ 6 pm EDT

As we're adapting to new ways of working and responding to constant change and persistent uncertainty, we cannot avoid having difficult conversations any longer. There are intelligent strategies and tools we can use skillfully to navigate the undercurrents of what matters to us, and to the people around us.

Bring a real, specific conversation that you know you need to have. In this session, we will have a chance to “workshop” how we would like to have those difficult conversations by:

  • Seeing the hidden dimension of difficult conversations and what’s really at stake
  • Preparing for a high-stakes conversation as the first step to support the rest
  • Leaving with tools to have a difficult conversation and strengthen relationships

This program is part of the SHE Connects 2020 virtual conference. Learn more at:

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