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Feeling Centered in the Unknown

By SoulCo LLC

SAT MAR 14, 2020

My capacity to step into the unknown was tested last night, facilitating the first live online "soft skills" session at Virtual Venture Café. Until the moment we went live, my mind was busy wondering who would come and how the online space would support interactive skills-building.

Mark Nepo, a teacher I admire, traces confidence to the Latin "confidere" (fidelity), and understands self-confidence as a fidelity to the self:

“Indeed, it is only a devotion to that sacred bottom beneath our moods of insecurity that brings us back in accord with the center of the heart which shares the same living center with all beings.”

I learned that it takes both the humility of the beginner’s mind and self-confidence to trust "the same living center with all beings." No need to know everything. I can rely on the collective intelligence in "the center of the heart."

Once the session began, I felt carried by the "sacred bottom beneath our moods of insecurity." I sensed what it means to feel centered amidst uncertainties and the unknown.

I’m grateful to all the participants for their willingness and intention to co-create the virtual learning space, and to connect with kind curiosity and the generosity of their engaged presence.