Co-creating learning communities of wise and compassionate leaders for the well-being of all

About SoulCo

What does it mean to be human in the digital age?

Without the mental skills to support our intention and attention, we can get lost in a world of distraction, indifference, ignorance, and confusion. No one wants to stay in a disconnected, disengaged, and unkind workplace or community.

It takes each and every one of us to lead for individual and collective well-being to reach our full human potential.

Through leadership education in social and emotional skills, SoulCo helps individuals and organizations to work, live, and lead with their whole selves: mind, heart, and body. Integrated wholeness within and between people creates a common “wealth” (well-being + health). From this shared foundation, anything and everything is possible.

Learn with us

We teach mindfulness-based emotional intelligence skills for leadership excellence and well-being in our wired world. These foundational skills include:

  • Self-awareness (knowing our internal states)
  • Self-management (managing our impulses and reactions)
  • Motivation (aligning values and work)
  • Empathy (understanding others’ feelings and experiences)
  • Relationship management (leading with compassion)

Leaders and their teams bring these skills back to their workplaces, and apply them immediately toward increasing focus, enhancing creativity and productivity, making smart decisions, and strengthening teamwork for greater well-being and success.